WordPress Installation Made Really Easy!

Download WP Quick Install


WordPress installation could be long: downloading, decompressing, uploading, plugins and themes installation...
WP Quick Install will take care all of this things. Simply upload this tiny script where you want to install WordPress.

One Click Install

WP Quick Install automatically downloads and installs WordPress in a few seconds.


All default WordPress languages are available.

Choose the Options you Want

Automatically remove the default content created by WordPress (page, post, comment, themes), and change the wp-config.php file.

Plugins and Themes

Simply specify the plugins you want. WP Quick Install will automatically downlad and activate them.

Autogenerate Contents

Fill a data.ini file to prepropulate the installation form, or to generate content (posts, pages, etc).

Always Up To Date

WP Quick Install always downloads and install the latest version of WordPress !

Download WP Quick Install
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